'Level Up' Options

Once you have carefully selected the right entrance product for your needs, add the finishing touches with revolving door and security entrance accessories.

'Level Up' with Entrance Accessories

Whether you are installing a high capacity revolving door for a large public space, or a high security portal for a data centre – we have a range of additional entrance 'Level Up' options for you. Add the finishing touches to your entrance product and Level Up where it matters most to you. You can level up in any of these categories:

  • Throughput
  • Security                             
  • Safety                                
  • Aesthetics  
  • Technology                                   
  • Comfort and
  • Service

'Level Up' Options for Security Solutions

Security entrance accessories span everything from access control systems to air curtains. Most automated access control systems alone cannot detect how many people are entering at one time. However, integrated within our physical security products, they offer anti-tailgating solutions and more. Find out which access control system is best for you by clicking below.

Protection packages offer you the possibility to ‘Level Up’ your physical security product with bullet, bomb and fire resistance options.

'Level Up' Options for Revolving Doors

There are a wide range of possibilities available to fine-tune your revolving door. Naturally, the above-mentioned protection packages and air curtains are also applicable to our revolving doors. However, you can ‘Level Up’ in all the same categories as mentioned above, from throughput to service options. Before you make any decisions on how you would like to customise your revolving door, contact your local entry expert to talk through all of the possibilities.

BIM Objects for Design and Specification

In addition to accessories that are available to fine-tune your product, we also offer BIM objects. These are used by architects and engineers throughout the complete building phase of a project, from design to specification.

You can download the official Boon Edam BIM objects directly into your project.

More Information on 'Level Up' Options?

Our products are compatible with many third party entrance accessories. You can seamlessly integrate another access control systems or technology into our entrance solutions. We work together with a large number of system integrators to ensure that your entry solution is as effective and intuitive as it can be.

Do you need support in choosing the best entrance accessories for your entrance product? Contact your local entry expert for advice. We can help you make the right product decision by walking you through our BoonSelect – Solution Mapping Tool. We can guide you through all available options and help you find the most efficient solution.

Peace of mind in the event of an attack from burglars or with fire arms. Ask yourself: is your entrance secure? And what door reinforcement options do you have?­­

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Destination Control Systems for Elevators in speed gates provide access control and quick and efficient entry to an elevator without any compromise to security.

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Control the climate within your building by enhancing your revolving door with air curtains. Control internal temperature and maximise energy efficiency. 

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The BoonTouch remote control panel for access control systems allows receptionists and security guards to easily and quickly allow access to different visitors.

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Prevent unauthorised users from gaining access to any area with StereoVision sensor control systems.

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