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We are proud to announce the introduction of our slimmest, most subtle single wing access gate in our range. The Winglock Swing had been designed to coordinate with (but not form part of) our Speedlane Lifeline series, but can also stand alone as a single installation.

As buildings get larger with higher throughput, the need to manage more traffic throughput rises. With our Winglock Swing – up to 4 lanes can be installed in a single area, to meet these growing demands.

Easy Bi-Directional Traffic Management

The Winglock Swing is undeniably the sleekest gate on the market today. Constructed from stainless steel and a single glass panel, the lane is elegant and unobtrusive in nature and design. The access gate is designed to manage bi-directional traffic with effortless ease, using smart, intuitive technology to guide each visitor through to their destination without delay or inconvenience.

Crafted Intuition and a Revolutionary Low Carbon Footprint

The Winglock Swing is really easy to use, no training is required and the intuitive LED lights make the user experience and walk-through simple and enjoyable. The various light signals for functions such as in use, authorsied, standby, include pulsing and quick blinking to further guide your visitors through – even those who have never used the product find it a smooth transition.

A mere 9W are used in standby mode and 20W while in motion, a huge accomplishment when you consider the industry standard is an average of 200W. This level of sustainability and energy saving have never been seen before.

Our BoonTouch interface can be installed to open up even more flexible access and authorisation options.

Secure, Stable and Customisable Single Wing Access Gate

Solid installation is guaranteed by a substantial floor mounting plate of 135mm, alleviating the need for a supporting side post. Our engineers have gone so far as to develop alternative floor mounting fixes for common, floor challenges –  we have a solution for your unique installation.

We can now offer a variety of trendy colours and finishes that we endeavor to update regularly as new trends emerge. We partner with industry professionals to ensure our offerings are current and hot-off-the-press.

Elegant Disabled Access

Comfortable and secure access to wheelchairs, large luggage or trollies have been carefully considered to ensure everyone – abled and disabled have equally pleasing passage through out gates.

The slim, minimalist design of this access gate cleverly houses all the working components in the vertical tube. We have taken much time crafting this product and ensuring attention to details in all elements and functionality.

Your Search for an Entry Solution Does Not Have to end at Access Gates

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