Pedestrian Turnstile Gate - Turnlock 100


Besides the security of your entry and lobby, the perimeter security of your building is another important aspect to consider. The Turnlock 100 is a stainless steel pedestrian turnstile gate that is extremely suitable for outside use. Its rugged construction ensures trouble free and dependable operation. The choice between three or four door wings allows you to adapt to the specific requirements concerning capacity, user comfort and security for your building.

Options for Pedestrian Turnstile Gates

  • Mechanical or electrical operation 
  • Tandem installation for double passage 
  • Extended arm model for disabled access
  • Second curved wall
  • Rotation detection sensor per direction
  • Heel protectors
  • Traffic indicators
  • Out of use lock
  • Card reader mounting options
  • Push-button free access

All Boon Edam secured entry solutions can easily be integrated with virtually any access control system.

Emergency Egress

The Turnlock 100 can be configured to have a fail-safe exit, which, in the case of a power failure, disengages the locking mechanism allowing users to exit manually. If a fire alarm system is connected to the Turnlock 100, the locking mechanism is disengaged automatically in an alarm situation. A separate side gate can also be installed next to the pedestrian turnstile gate for additional exit capacity. If no emergency exit is required, the Turnlock 100 can also be configured to be fail-secure in which case the mechanism will remain locked in case of an emergency maintaining a high level of security. (Escape route requirements are subject to local regulations).

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