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Peace of mind in the event of an attack from burglars or with fire arms. Camera’s don’t stop an event from happening, neither do most security solutions. If you are serious about making your building safe, start by asking yourself this question: is your entrance secure?

How to Reinforce a Door?

If your answer was “no”, or “not secure enough”, what level and type of protection do you require? Choose the right protection package and reinforce your door. Protection packages are for everyone who wants to protect their property. However, not everyone needs the same level of protection. That is why you can choose from a range of door reinforcement solutions. From vandal resistant packages for revolving doors in shopping malls to bulletproof solutions for high security portals in data centres.

Boon Edam’s Protection Packages:

  • Vandal resistant
  • Burglar resistant and manual attack
  • Ballistics resistance

To ensure the safest, most secure entry solution, each package goes through rigorous testing and conforms to international standards.

Door Reinforcement against Vandalism

All of our doors come standard with vandal resistant glass. This glass is throw-in resistant and may be considered the lowest form of  burglar resistant glass. It is suitable as vandal resistant glass and to stop a burglar’s first attempt at breaking in, and thereby deterring it.

Vandal resistant glass is compliant with:

  • Glass: P2A (EN 356)

Burglar Resistant and Manual Attack

The burglary resistant package is designed for protection against manual tool attacks and burglary attempts. It comprises of the entire door, including the most vulnerable areas, such as the locks, glass and frames.

Tried and Tested

To ensure there are no weak points in the total construction of the door, this package goes through an extensive testing process, including:

  • Hand-held tools
  • Statical force
  • Falling weight

During the hand-held tools test, the doors are subjected to multiple attacks using hand-held tools, such as a crowbar, for a set time. Additionally, the Statical Force test is used to determine the locking capability. This test simulates the effects of force being applied to certain points of the door. Lastly, the falling weight test is applied to simulate the impact of a brutal attempt to kick-in or temper with the door.

The glass is also subject to extensive testing. Two further tests are applied to ensure that heavy blows do not penetrate the glass:

  • Drop test
  • Axe test

The Drop test comprises of a series of weighted balls being dropped multiple times on a triangle of glass from a certain height. To earn the last certification, the glass should survive 30 blows of an axe, without glass breakage.

After these tests, the doors are deemed compliant with the following standards:

  • Construction: RC3 (EN1627)
  • Glass: P5A (EN356)
  • USA: UL3

Ballistic Rated Door Reinforcement

Primarily for buildings where the highest form of security is needed, we offer a bulletproof protection package. This package is compatible with our high security Tourlocks and Circlelocks and it offers protection against gun attacks.

Tried and Tested

The ballistic resistant package is designed to safeguard property and employees from gun attacks. The entire door undergoes repetitive testing, including the glazing and the wall components. The tests are carried out by shooting 3 identical bullets, 120 mm apart from one another. There are different rules within the certifications depending on the gun type. Certification is only obtained if all 3 bullets fail to penetrate the glass.

A second assessment focusses on the remaining integrity of the glass itself. The glass must be intact enough to avoid injury from any glass fragments.

After successfully passing these tests, the door is compliant with:

  • Glass: BR4NS (EN1063) / UL3

1/2. Bullet resistant (BR4NS / UL3) with the ability to stop .44 magnum bullets. And/or burglar-resistant (RC3 / EN1627) (P5A / EN356). Optional protective foils to avoid scratching of non-spalling glass.

3/4. Door frame, end and side posts of door and portal reinforced with steel-plate lining / cladding to comply with RC3 (EN1627) and/or FB4 (EN1522).

Protection Packages by Boon Edam

Do you need help in determining the best protection package for your entrance? Carry on reading about protection packages by downloading the brochure or contact your local entry expert for advice.

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