Boon Edam Ireland Steps in to Help the Community During the Coronavirus Pandemic

Edam, the Netherlands, April 2020 – Our colleagues at Boon Edam Ireland have made us proud by their recent acts of kindness and excellent teamwork during the Coronavirus Pandemic. Community Call Food Parcels Organised by various Irish town councils and in conjunction with local sports clubs – Community Call is a voluntary project that delivers vital food packages to the most vulnerable and the elderly within various communities. Once a week they receive a list of people and addresses and collect the parcels from the local Community Call office. They then deliver the package to the door, ring the bell and step back. Our team stays for a quick chat from a distance to make sure each person is doing alright and that no further help or support is required. Declan Hurrell, Service Manager from Boon Edam Ireland, says, “The CEO of South Dublin County Council has asked me to pass on his gratitude for the great effort that our group has displayed. Everyone pulling together in the Community is making a huge difference to those in need. Behind every door, there’s a story that most people won’t know, and your efforts are taking one more worry away from these families.” A Helping Hand at St. Columcilles Hospital - Dublin Some quick-thinking and action went a long way at a recent call-out in Ireland. One of the entrance doors to a main ward at St. Columcilles Hospital was not working correctly. The critical entrance was in operation from 8 am – 8 pm daily and needed an urgent on-site repair. The team worked together to ensure a fast and well-executed repair was completed in excellent time. The General Manager of the Hospital commented “I would like to express my thanks to all Boon Edam staff who were on-site at SCH.  They went above and beyond to ensure that the doors were repaired The unit where they were working is being used as an isolation unit for query/suspect COVID patientsThey are to be commended for their dedication and professionalism in their roles. They ensured that our staff could continue with their work in frontline healthcare provision at all times.” John le Gear, Managing Director of Boon Edam Ireland, said, “We are all in this together, and we all have to look out for our colleagues and everyone in society. It is not just about ourselves, we have to have a sense of duty to others in society and as Boon Edam Ireland we have to play our part to beat this virus and anyway we can help we will.” For further information, please contact: Michelle Wortel Global Marketing Manager T: +31 (0)299 38 08 00 E

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China Manufacturing Update: Boon Edam Beijing Factory is Open and Operating in New Ways as the Coronavirus Pandemic Appears to be Slowing in China

Edam, the Netherlands, May 2020 – Our colleagues at Boon Edam in China share an update on what happened as news of the Coronavirus started to emerge in the country, their journey through the dark days of the height of the pandemic; up to how things are going for them all today. The Start of Another Pandemic Back in January 2020, Boon Edam in China was working as normal, although the Chinese population had already been advised to go to the hospital if they had a fever with a cough, and facial mask wearing was strongly advised. Then the Chinese government informed the people of China to work from home for the first two weeks of February, and of course, our colleagues complied. Our workforce who could work from home, did, and meetings were conducted via online platforms. Rita Fei, Managing Director, Shared Service Center of Boon Edam in China, said, “Nobody here was surprised to hear we needed to work at home, as since late January we were getting hourly updates on the virus situation via all our television channels”. From mid February, staff began to slowly return to their work at the office, with a lot of flexibility and understanding given for colleagues with children – the children were not back at school at this stage. Face masks were not easy to get hold of at this time either but with the help of 1000pcs from Royal Boon Edam International, sent over from the Netherlands, and placing an urgent order themselves, the safety situation was quickly resolved. Masks and other health and safety equipment are currently a lot easier to obtain. Rita shared a bit more about her experiences, also having been through SARS back in 2003. “During SARS, cities were not asked to lockdown. Factories and public places remained open and functional. Despite having experienced a past pandemic, Boon Edam in China was not prepared or equipped for COVID-19. As a leader of a large organisation, we had to react really quickly. We promptly stopped serving food from our canteen and asked everyone to bring lunch from their homes. We took the advice from our government very seriously and made sure we complied to the given guidelines such as social distancing and the wearing of face masks at all times – not always easy when working hard.” Health and Safety Measures Temperature testing on arrival at work, and the wearing of face masks by both office and factory staff remains a key compliance and safety measure. These measures have been well received by all our colleagues and everyone has now really got into this as part of a normal working routine. The factory is working in carefully planned shifts to limit the number of people on-site and to reduce the amount of movement which is required to perform tasks. Jack Guo, Director of Manufacturing, told us that daily meetings were taking place covering the planning and monitoring of the health of all staff. Jack said that the orders are continuing to come into the factory, but that the supply chain had taken a hard knock, resulting in some delays. He has, however, already started to notice that as more factories reopen, the supplies and capacities are starting to ramp-up once more. Managing Director, Richard Wu said. “We organised regular management meetings during the lock down period to collect the insights from all our employees, in order to keep everyone safe and strong - physically and mentally. Meanwhile, we also kept a close eye on the news to capture and tweak our business management, and stay proactive." Service, Maintenance and Installations This area of Boon Edam in China has been heavily impacted due to travel constraints. Project installation teams were not allowed to travel due to the lockdown, and all job sites were shut down until early March 2020. Richard Wu, Managing Director - Sales Ops of Boon Edam in China said, “We provided a two-month service contract extension to some of our hotel customers to help them get through the large losses during the lockdown. By early March, most cities in China were starting to gradually recover, and installation teams have been approaching customers proactively and quickly to help them become fully operational again. We have gone above and beyond what is expected to ensure safe and functional entrances for our customers all over China.” Making Lockdown Work Our Chinese colleagues have had regular contact with all of their customers during the course of the pandemic. They have been using mobile phones and holding online meetings more regularly, and online seminars with customers have been great way stay connected. We can happily report that both sides have adapted well to this new way of working. Richard tells us, “During the lockdown period, we invested more resources on online knowledge trainings and on internal process standardisation. This has really benefited our entire team as we make the best of this period to improve our overall efficiency. All these investments have already started to bring returns back to our daily operations - now after the lockdown gradually fades away. All of these online meetings and knowledge sharing get all of us connected more tightly, and we appreciate the encouragement from each other in this difficult period.” Moving Forward As for the near future, Richard continues, “We have intensified the communications with all our customers to offer our best expertise to expedite their project progress, because all of them are carrying huge capital burden in real estate investment. This action has incurred their great confidence and appreciation on BOON EDAM from our customers." Our colleagues at Boon Edam China have returned the goodwill gestures from earlier, and have already shipped 3000 face masks to the Netherlands factory in March and 3000 to the American factory in April. We wish them strength as they continue to recover daily. For further information, please contact: Michelle Wortel Global Marketing Manager T: +31 (0)299 38 08 00 E

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Impressive New Swing Security Barrier Unveiled at ISC West Las Vegas in March 2020

Edam, the Netherlands, February 2020 – Royal Boon Edam International are excited to announce that an innovative swinging barrier security speed gate will be unveiled at the popular ISC West Security Exhibition in Las Vegas 18 – 20 March 2020. Renowned as the largest converged security trade show in the United States, Boon Edam Inc. will, again, have a premium position at the 2020 edition. Among other products and activities, we will also be launching the much-anticipated Speedlane Compact swinging security speed gate. The Short ‘No-Nonsense’ Solution Following the enormous success in the high-end speed gate market with the top-selling Lifeline Series, the development team began work on answering the market need for a premium quality mid-range product to fill the gap. It is from this need that we will soon be able to offer our customers the Speedlane Compact as the perfect solution. “With this new product, we have a solution that fits in everywhere – both in dimensions and design, without compromising on safety, security or quality,” says Mark de Jong, Product Manager of the Security Products Portfolio. Seeing is Believing We invite you to visit ISC West at the Sands Exhibition Centre in Las Vegas between 18 – 20 March 2020 at booth 8037. We think you will want to be first in line to experience just how quickly and easily security can fit into your everyday life. If you are unable to make the trip, but still want to know more ahead of everyone else, please sign-up here to our newsletter or leave us your details here and an entry expert will be in touch to reveal so much more. For further information, please contact: Michelle Wortel Global Marketing Manager T: +31 (0)299 38 08 00 E

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Indigenous trainee Corey Williams (left) with Warrgambi Managing Director Tim Donovan, celebrating a year’s training with Warrgambi corporate supporter FS Solutions which shares Boon Edam’s support social inclusiveness and skills development.

Tech skills earn Indigenously inclusive company new supply and service role for global security and entrance leader Boon Edam

(Above: Indigenous trainee Corey Williams (left) with Warrgambi Managing Director Tim Donovan, celebrating a year’s training with Warrgambi corporate supporter FS Solutions, which shares Boon Edam’s support, social inclusiveness and skills development.) A technology company co-founded and led by Indigenous Australian security, safety and risk management leader Tim Donovan has been appointed by a world leader in security entrances and architectural revolving doors to supply, install and maintain its products in one of its key markets, the Australian Capital Territory. Warrgambi Pty Ltd has been appointed by the Boon Edam Australia operation of the global Royal Boon Edam organisation, which supplies a complete suite of security entrances to Government and private organisations in 27 countries, including major legislative and departmental facilities such as those in Canberra, as well as scores of Fortune 500 companies and household names in data facility protection. Technical Expertise Boon Edam Australia Managing Director Mr Michael Fisher said Warrgambi was selected first on the basis of its technical excellence and demonstrated record of dealing with global companies and effectively engaging with local, state, federal and international Government agencies. Warrgambi is also experienced in dealing with architects, engineers, facility managers and specifiers involved in Supply Nation Certification, which is the largest national directory of verified Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander businesses. “We are confident also that Warrgambi’s ACT experience gives it the local knowledge to help government and private organisations to continue to maintain compliance with their environmental sustainability, risk management and duty of care responsibilities to ensure the safety of employees and visitors, while also protecting sensitive private and public data which can involve personal details of millions of Australians. Helping to foster training and technical excellence in technology skills  among Indigenous youth and youth generally is also totally in accord with the ethics and philosophy of Royal Boon Edam globally, as a 140-year old family company that takes its long-term business and social responsibilities very seriously,” said Mr Fisher. Boon Edam’s focus on social inclusion is one of the reasons the company received the Dutch royal imprimatur, which is only given to companies held in high esteem, with long-term financial stability and exceptional dedication to proper ethics in doing business.” Mr Fisher says that, as a company dedicated to providing truly global standards of service for both security entrances and architectural revolving doors, Boon Edam was focussed on selecting a supply, install and maintain organisation that can handle its complete suite of the most advanced security and energy sustainability solutions, whilst also aligning itself with Boon Edam’s social inclusivity commitments. “Warrgambi has comprehensively demonstrated its competence in work for major government organisations, including the Department Environment and Energy, Department of Industry, Innovation and Science, and Department of Defence, as well as Geoscience Australia, Questacon national science and technology centre and the National Gallery of Australia. It has also engaged successfully with major ACT architecture and construction companies and entered into partnerships with globally respected technology-based organisations (such as Canon Australia) to supply and maintain their electronic and physical security assets,” said Mr Fisher. Warrgambi - 'Working Together' The Managing Director and Co-Founder of Warrgambi, Mr Tim Donovan – who is a proud Gumbaynggirr man – says the appointment by Boon Edam is a significant further step in the expansion of Warrgambi as an organisation founded on excellence in safety, quality, operations, staff development and social inclusiveness. Warrgambi Co-Founder and General Manager Mr Dave Healey says the appointment by Boon Edam is a further step towards fulfilment of his motivation in establishing Warrgambi to create positive social impact – “And the only way I knew how to do that was by creating opportunities for employment in an industry I knew,” said Mr Healey, whose background includes senior management roles with expertise in all facets of electronic security, information and communications technology from sales, design and conception through to tendering, customer and contractor communications, project timeline management and project deliverables, development of project documentation, delivery of ongoing maintenance programs and continuing customer relations post project. Tim Donovan and Dave Healey share more than 30 years’ local and international experience in electronic security, technology, communications and electronic supply, installation and service. Warrgambi is an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island word from the Gumbaynggir nation on the NSW mid-North Coast which means ‘working together’. These skills are integral to servicing Boon Edam security products and architectural revolving doors, both of which may be integrated with broader building management systems, including HVAC and energy sustainability systems and building traffic flow systems (including the lift systems of Boon Edam global partner Schindler, for example). “Warrgambi’s skills base is the foundation on which our company is established and on which we want to be judged. But an important broader role – and a strong element of our passion for the business – is to support and provide practical mentoring services to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island youth and to young people generally,” said Mr Donovan. “We are all-inclusive – Warrgambi is an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island word from the Gumbaynggir nation on the NSW mid-North Coast which means ‘working together’.”  “And that is our philosophy – we work for the betterment of everyone, not just narrow sections of individual groups. We set out to provide expert guidance and input for our clients, for meeting the expectations of businesses, of government organisations, and for advancing the interest of all stakeholders involved in this exciting and expanding business.” “And as we do it, we provide an all-inclusive foundation of skills for youth, so that both indigenous and non-indigenous youth have models and peer support for advancement through the workforce,” said Mr Donovan.

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“The Power of Two” Makes an Entrance in China

Edam, the Netherlands, November 2019 – earlier this year Boon Edam announced the launch of a seamless and secure entrance product which truly combined advanced transit intelligence, elevator destination control and security in one.  This solution saw Boon Edam’s best-selling and slimmest speed gate – the Lifeline Speedlane Swing being 100% integrated with Schindler PORT Technology. The combination of these two products into one solution (the Power of Two) offers our customers advanced and innovative movement through a buildings entire ecosystem in a secure and stylish way.   Industrial Bank Co., Ltd makes a Seamless and Secure Entrance Investment CIB (Industrial Bank Co., Ltd) is one of the first joint-stock commercial banks based in China. Listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange in 2007 & ranking among the top 30 banks in the world and Fortune Global 500, their headquarters are based in Fuzhou City, Fujian Province. It is at this location where the first Chinese Power of Two collaboration has been successfully commissioned.  Spanning over two buildings, CIB commissioned Boon Edam China to supply a total of 36 Lifeline Speedlane Swing speed gates throughout the large offices, over various levels. Seven of these lanes (one set of 4 lanes comprising of 5 cabinets; and one set of 3 lanes with 2 cabinets) were dedicated to the Power of Two solution.  Secure Elevator Destination Control The lane sets showcasing the Power of Two are located at the main entrances elevator lobby. Collectively, they offer smart and efficient elevator destination control, saving energy by grouping passengers travelling to the same floor together. This combined with the security features offer accurate tailgating detection and relieve pressure on security and reception staff.  We are proud to have been able to offer the first of many welcome and secure entrance solutions.  For further information, please contact: Michelle WortelGlobal Marketing ManagerT: +31 (0)299 38 08 00E:

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Boon Edam Australia Business Development Manager Darren Assey at the 2019 Security And Government Expo

Boon Edam showcases the future of entrance security technologies at Security And Government Expo

Boon Edam’s combination of architectural elegance and functionality has drawn the attention of the Government sector at this year’s Security And Government Expo (SAGE) in Canberra. Boon Edam – which is a global leader with more than 140 years’ experience in entrance security and architectural revolving door technologies – showcased its latest technologies, including speedgates with integrated lift destination and facial recognition. They were among a complete suite of security technologies contained in architecturally harmonious formats used by Fortune 500 companies, Government organisations, legislatures and data institutions globally. “The Government sector is constantly looking at ways to enhance security, so that they can protect valuable data and assets, as well as meet their duty of care obligations for staff and visitors to their building,” said Boon Edam Business Development Manager Darren Assey, who was on-hand at the SAGE show to discuss the latest developments and advances in the entrance security industry. Boon Edam and its dedicated ACT technology supply, installation and maintenance partner, have extensive Government sector experience, with local and international installations across all levels of government that elegantly combine top security with aesthetics that blend in with their surrounds. Boon Edam entrance security technologies used globally by Government organisations, Fortune 500 companies and household names include speedgates (Lifeline series shown left) and security revolving doors and portals (Tourlock 180+90 high security revolving door shown right) Government sector trends “Government organisations at SAGE had widely varying interests, depending on their security needs, but across all levels, access control was essential. The people I spoke to needed to ensure that they knew who was entering their buildings or facilities, for the safety of people, data and assets inside,” said Mr Assey. “As we look toward 2020, Government organisations are keeping a keen eye on cost-effective technologies that enhance security, efficiency and provide new advances that work reliably in service.” “Boon Edam’s service commitment, where we aim to provide a level of after-sales service and support previously unmatched locally, was very well received by the Government sector. They need to know that any company they do business with can back their product and provide swift assistance, service and maintenance.” Lift destination partnership with Schindler “Our new lift destination partnership with Schindler port technology drew particular interest from forward-thinking organisations looking to improve efficiency, control traffic flow and ensure building security,” said Mr Assey. The new global partnership, known as ‘The Power of Two', delivers an integrated system that greatly enhances transit efficiency, especially in high rise buildings with multiple lifts, and including public and private facilities throughout the Asia-Pacific and Australasia.  Seamless integration of speed gates and lift destination helps manage people flow and minimise waiting times.  “The time between entering a speed gate and reaching the lift (typically 5-10 seconds) can now be utilised to call the correct elevator, using Schindler’s industry leading destination algorithm. Security is enhanced throughout the entire process, with Boon Edam Speedlane Lifeline speed gates preventing unauthorised personnel entering a waiting lift,” said Mr Assey. “One result of this more efficient entry system is that traffic congestion is decreased by up to 50%, which can make a considerable difference in medium to high rise buildings where large numbers of people are transiting through the building each day,” he said. “The new partnership has considerable benefits to customers throughout Australasia, by combining the best technologies from leaders in their individual fields and making them readily available from one source.” Specifiers, architects, builders, refurbishers and security specialists will now have access to the harmonised technologies through the national and global networks of both organisations.” Facial recognition “The other trend already creating a buzz in the industry is facial recognition. Facial recognition itself has been around for a while, but its meaningful integration into entrance security technologies is something that Boon Edam has given a lot of focus in recent times,” said Mr Assey. “Unlike early forms of facial recognition paired with speedgates, Boon Edam has integrated the facial recognition camera into the top-plate of the gate, meaning that it doesn’t create a visual eyesore, and can’t be bumped or knocked out of position like cameras mounted on top of a gate,” he said.   The latest Boon Edam Lifeline speed gates have the ability to integrate most quality facial recognition camera technologies under the top-plate of the cabinet. Not only is this sleeker in design, with the camera ‘hidden’ from view, but it also prevents the camera from being knocked out of  alignment – a common issue with cameras mounted on top of a speed gate. “Additionally, our technology is ‘agnostic’, meaning it will work with most quality facial recognition cameras, and the user isn’t locked in to one technology for future years. With the rapid advance of facial recognition technologies, this is a major asset for organisations considering integrating this technology into their security entrances.   For more information, please contact: Boon Edam AustraliaDarren Assey - Business Development Manager T +61 (0)426 703 326E

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