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Boon Edam Launches High Security Connection Portal

Edam, The Netherlands – Today, Royal Boon Edam International B.V. announced the launch of the Circlelock Combi, a half portal which attaches to an existing door – therefore transforming the entrance into a high security entrance capable of protecting against both unauthorised entry and piggybacking.   The Smart Choice in Ultimate Security Entrances Renovation and construction costs can escalate quickly when locking down a highly sensitive area. Now you can attach the Circlelock Combi easily and quickly to either the secure or non-secure side of an existing swing door. The working principal is as follows: On authorisation, the portal’s interlocking door slides open allowing a user to enter the portal. An integrated security system confirms whether the user is alone and if so, the swinging door is unlocked, enabling passage into the secure area. A secondary biometric system such as facial recognition (by others) can be used to confirm identity inside the portal. Highest Protection The product’s developers and R&D department have answered the need for the highest level of unauthorised entry prevention at an unmanned area with this interlocking security portal. Using the most innovative and up-to-date technologies on the market, including the StereoVision  piggybacking detection system, this security access solution offers complete peace-of-mind when it comes to keeping people and valuables safe and secure. Integration Opportunities As part of the development of the Circlelock Combi, our team have researched at length ways to ensure easy and effective integration with third parties technologies such as biometrics and ACS. This is over-and-above the already built-in systems such as advanced sensors and accurate identification systems which only allow one person in the portal per authorisation. Many areas, for example in a datacentre, have a certified fire-rated door installed and integrated with an ACS; the door can then easily be interlocked with the Circlelock Combi in just a few days – thus creating a fire-rated, high security entrance. Dirk Groot, Product Manager, Royal Boon Edam International B.V. says: "We are proud to now be able to offer our customers a safe, yet convenient-to-install-solution for highly critical areas in their building. The small footprint and space-saving features that the Circlelock Combi offers make it a welcome addition to the high security family." Visit to learn more about the Circlelock Combi Interlocking Half Portal.    Video of Circlelock Combi - The High Security Connection Portal | Boon Edam      For Further Information, Please Contact: Michelle WortelGlobal Marketing ManagerT +31 (0)299 38 08 00E

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Boon Edam Launches Sleek Access Control Pedestal Mount

Edam, The Netherlands – Today, Royal Boon Edam International B.V. announced the launch of the Lifeline Boost access control pedestal mount, an attractive and welcoming addition to the Speedlane Lifeline series of speed gates. Sophisticated and Secure The Lifeline Boost comes in response to the many requests received for a well-designed, innovative, and unobtrusive pedestal to accommodate a long list of authorisation technologies and complement the existing Lifeline Speedlane series. The Lifeline Boost has been engineered with the comfort of the end-user in mind; it is ergonomic, at a comfortable height and features the classic tapered V-shape synonymous with the Lifeline Speedlane series and of course, offers the same outstanding energy savings features our customers have come to expect from Boon Edam. Using modern and intuitive technology, the Lifeline Boost pedestal mount guides each visitor through to their destination without delay or inconvenience. As with the Lifeline Speedlane series, a selection of proven and intuitive light symbols indicate what the visitor needs to do next, from their initial approach, through the authorisation steps and their exit into the secured side. Flexible Combinations with ‘Plug ‘n Play’ Convenience The latest Lifeline Boost access control pedestal is available in two models: Standard Premium        : Suitable for the integration of a card reader, barcode reader or biometric devices. Card Collector              : Suitable to integrate a third-party card collector device. In addition to accommodating a wide variety of authorisation technologies, the Boost pedestal is easy and fast to install due to its unobtrusive, enclosed raceway that can house electrical and ACS conduit along the surface of any finished floor. Its small footprint and sleek design complement the clean lines of the Lifeline Speedlane speed gate with minimal visual impact. Premium User Experience Users will find the Boost uncomplicated and intuitive to operate as they provide their credentials and then pass through the speed gate. Intuitive LED lights detect the visitor approaching and guide them through clearly and easily – without any compromise to the journey flow. The directional indicator symbols stand out beautifully against the premium dark, tempered glass and installation does not require any cables to go through the floor. Daan van Beusekom, Product Manager, Royal Boon Edam International B.V. says: "We believe in creating welcome and secure security access solutions and saw there was a need to develop a pedestal to enable more integration possibilities for the Lifeline Speedlane series. The new Lifeline Boost fulfils this mission - it is streamlined and compact – with the same ergonomic and sleek features of the Lifeline Speedlane series – and can accommodate almost any authorisation technology available. We’re proud to launch this clever and compact addition to the family." Visit to learn more about the Lifeline Boost access control pedestal mount.   For Further Information, Please Contact: Michelle WortelGlobal Marketing ManagerT +31 (0)299 38 08 00E

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Burke and Wills Hotel

Burke and Wills discover the doorway to energy conservation in Australia

Australia is a land of climatic extremes and businesses are becoming acutely aware of the costs and environmental impacts of using large amounts of energy to heat or cool their buildings. Energy-efficient revolving doors The Burke and Wills Hotel has discovered that one solution to reduce the strain on HVAC systems is the use of a revolving door at the front entrance. Based in Toowoomba in South Queensland – which can plunge below 5 degrees and experience frost and wind chill in winter – the Burke and Wills Hotel has installed a Boon Edam Tourniket revolving door, installed by their distribution partner, Auto Ingress. “The doors just make it a more elegant entry to the building. And in extreme cold weather, it’s a much better climate control situation. It stops the pollutants, as it’s a manual revolving door. It gets pretty cold outside in Toowoomba, and the doors only let out one quadrant of air rotation, so the warm air stays inside,” says Auto Ingress Director Rob Jessen, whose company has more than 20,000 installations nationally and 20 years’ experience in automatic door operations to suit major busy publicly accessible facilities such as shopping centres, hospitals, retail outlets and office buildings. “And it works just as well in reverse, too, keeping cool air inside in summer when it’s uncomfortably hot outside,” he said. The original Burke and Wills expedition in 1861 – after which the hotel is named – was conducted in horrendous climatic conditions that resulted in the deaths of both expedition leaders, as their tortuous route from South to North took them from Melbourne to the Gulf of Carpenteria, a distance of some 2000 miles (3250km). Global leadership As a global leader in architectural revolving doors and security entrance systems with 140 years of global experience, Boon Edam has installed and maintained entry technologies for some of the world’s largest firms, including several global Fortune 500 companies. Mr Jessen said it was the price, quality and global leadership of Boon Edam that gained the confidence of the Hotel to select Boon Edam’s revolving doors. “Both manual and automatic revolving doors generate energy savings, improve operations, enhance the user experience and attract occupants and tenants,” he said. Forward-thinking energy conservation Boon Edam Managing Director Michael Fisher says the Burke and Wills Hotel has shown a forward-thinking attitude with he installation of the new revolving door. “I still remember the days walking past shopping centres or retail outlets and you’d get a wave of cold air on a hot day. As refreshing as that felt, it’s certainly not energy efficient!” “Businesses have a responsibility to minimise their carbon footprint and look to the future by installing technologies that are simultaneously cost-efficient and energy-efficient,” he said. According to a 2006 MIT study*, revolving doors save on average about 1.5 percent of the total energy needed to cool and heat a building annually. These savings, they calculated, would lead to a 14.6 ton reduction in carbon dioxide emitted annually. (*Modifying habits towards sustainability: A study of revolving door usage on the MIT campus. B.A. Cullum, Olivia Lee, Sittha Sukkasi, Dan Wesolowski. Full study: “The Burke and Wills Hotel is one of the first Queensland businesses to make preparations for the new energy market in the State by working to offset expected increases in energy costs of the newly deregulated market,” says Mr Fisher. “The significant annual reduction in carbon emissions is not only great for the environment, but it presents an attractive return on investment to companies looking to invest in a more energy-efficient entrance,” he said. Functionality and energy-efficiency Mr Jessen says, “We had to prove the advantages to Burke and Wills, who were looking around for the best solution. They assessed Boon Edam as a long-standing company, with extensive experience all over the world. The door ensured not only energy conservation, but vitally important functionality and accessibility to the building.” “The project ran smoothly from start to finish. From ordering, arrival of goods and installation right through to the finished product there were no dramas. The customer is very happy with the doors.” Tourniket Boon Edam’s Tourniket has a long history and has been manufactured since 1903. It is a high-quality Dutch-manufactured revolving door with an extensive range of options and finishes available. Tourniket is a highly versatile entrance solution, with current installations in a huge range of applications globally. For higher security applications, a burglar resistant version is available. This version is compatible with SCEC Standards in Australia.

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Boon Edam Vlog #3

Trend Report #3: Prevent Gaps in Security Protocols with Flawless Identification Integration

Showcasing Security Entrance Integration at ISC West 2018

Las Vegas, April 2018 – Our American colleagues will, this week, be exhibiting at ISC West in Las Vegas from April 11 – 13 2018. If you are in the area, make sure you visit and learn more about our integrated access control solutions. Find them at booth #8037 at the Sands Expo Centre. Helping Security Professionals Manage Risk and Liability Security entrances with both integrated access and anti-tailgating technologies are helping security professionals manage risk and liability by preventing infiltration into their buildings. The following solutions will be on display in our booth: Lifeline Speedlane Swing: The industry’s slimmest speed gate will feature a custom, integrated pedestal that incorporates the MorphoWave™ touchless fingerprint technology from IDEMIA. This solution enables high throughput with the enhanced security of rapid biometric identification, all in a stylish, cohesive design.  Circlelock: Offering the highest level of security available in an entrance, the Circlelock security portal prevents intrusion into the most sensitive areas such as data centers. The portal will be configured to demonstrate two-factor authentication: an AMAG Symmetry card reader on the outside of the portal conducts the initial authorisation, followed by an iris scanning technology inside the portal from Iris ID called the iCAM7S Series reader, to confirm identity.  Circlelock Combi*: The Circlelock Combi half portal is the newest entry solution by Boon Edam. This clever solution transforms an existing swinging door into a high security entrance that prevents piggybacking. It also enables organisations to save on both space and renovation costs. In the booth, the half portal will demonstrate a two-factor authentication scenario: initial authentication using an AMAG Symmetry card reader to enter the portal, followed by facial scanning technology from StoneLock Pro® to open the second door.  Tourlock 180: The industry’s best-selling security revolving door will feature an AMAG Symmetry card reader to demonstrate access control integration paired with the door’s uniquely high, bi-directional throughput and its ability to prevent tailgating and piggybacking without manned supervision.  StereoVision: A proprietary technology in Boon Edam’s Circlelock and Tourlock, StereoVision prevents piggybacking by using a combination of near infrared and optical sensors to determine if someone is entering the door alone. Visitors to the booth will be able to see how they can calibrate the technology to obtain the mathematical probability of successful piggybacking prevention, thereby justifying their investment in high security doors and portals.  All Entrances to the Exhibit Hall to Feature New Speed Gates For the 11th year in a row, Boon Edam has been named the official speed gate sponsor of ISC West. For the first time, we are excited to have installed 34 lanes at all the entrances to the show. The model is our Speedlane Open. These speed gates feature a barrier-free design, ideal for deterring casual tailgating attempts. The Open turnstile is part of the sleek and modern Lifeline Series launched in 2015, which has helped propel Boon Edam to the market leading position for security entrances, according to “Pedestrian Entrance Control Equipment” by IHS Markit® for the 2014-2016 period.   *The Circlelock Combi is currently only available in the USA.   For further information, please contact: Michelle Wortel Group Marketing Manager T: +31 (0)299 38 08 00 E  

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