StereoVision Sensor Control Systems: Advanced Anti-Piggybacking Technology.


Prevent unauthorised users from gaining access to any area with StereoVision sensor control systems.

What is StereoVision?

Our 2nd generation StereoVision is a highly sophisticated detection system that uses time-of-flight technology to recognise shapes, size and volume in 3 dimensions. StereoVision sensor access control combines optical and near-infrared sensors into a highly reliable solution that is not negatively affected by lighting or reflections. StereoVision is a proven technology that accurately detects and prevents piggybacking.

StereoVision Sensor Control Systems for Advanced Security

Effective security entrances should only provide access to authorised users. Cards, passes and even biometrics help ensure only those given the proper credentials are allowed access, but not all systems are able to prevent tailgating and piggybacking. While similar, both tailgating and piggybacking security breaches differ in how you gain unauthorised access through a security entrance.

What is Tailgaiting?

In a tailgating situation, someone simply follows you through the door segment without your knowledge. Fortunately, most modern electronic security systems can prevent this, by only allowing one person through at a time.

What is Piggybacking?

In this situation, you pass through the entryway with someone shadowing you directly behind you, regardless if this is with or without your consent.

StereoVision Sensor Access Control vs Weight Systems or Contact Mats

Another simple, yet very effective method to prevent piggybacking is to install weight systems or contact mats. These additional security technologies will detect a higher weight than your normal weight, and will deny access based on this conflict.

However, weight systems or contact mats will always deny access in case of higher weight. Regardless if the higher weight is due to one person carrying a heavy load or more people entering. StereoVision technology allows access to the first person and will deny access to more people entering. Furthermore, to install weight systems or contact mats, you may need floor excavation. Which is not always possible or favourable.

StereoVision Sensor Control Systems in High Security Entrances

Rather than being a standalone security system, Stereovision is designed to be an accessory to Boon Edam’s High security doors and portals:

StereoVision uses time-of-flight technology which is based on infrared light, to monitor the compartment of a security revolving door or portal. The technology measures the time it takes light to travel from the access control system to an object and back. In doing so, the system can accurately tell the difference between two people entering and one person alone - even if the individual is carrying additional equipment such as a bag or suitcase. The access control system sensor is not affected by sunlight or reflections.

Advantages of StereoVision Sensor Control Systems

StereoVision, in combination with a high security door, prevents piggybacking. The system ensures only authorised users can enter. This reduces, or entirely eliminates, the need for guards at the entrance. As a result, you can reallocate or reduce security staff previously responsible for managing the entry.

With Stereovision’s constant data collection and configuration settings, you can make better informed decisions with regards to security.

Better informed decisions and more effective use of guard salary will, in turn, result in reduced costs. Additionally, there is no need for large renovations or floor excavation – a further cost reduction. Equip a high security door or portal with StereoVision sensor access control and it will pay for itself in just a few years.

Read more on how StereoVision can help your security strategy by downloading the brochure in the tab above or contact your local entry expert.

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