Destination Control System for Elevators


As buildings become taller, they also become busier - and more congested. An efficient elevator destination control system ensures authorised users are able to gain quick and efficient entry to an elevator. Which will only bring them to certain floors of the building - without any compromise to security.

Elevator Destination Control Systems

First utilised in sophisticated corporate office buildings, elevator destination control systems are now appearing in more industrial and urban high-rise buildings. The goal is to guide you from A to B as quickly and safely as possible. Elevator destination control systems offer:

  • Faster navigation through your building
  • Reduced energy consumption
  • Increased overall building security

Designed to integrate directly within speed gates, the technology authorises you into the main building and will automatically call your elevator to your programmed floor destination.

How do Elevator Destination Control Systems work?

In order to access an elevator, you will be authorised via a bank of speed gates. These speed gates will be equipped with access control systems like biometric devices or card- and badge readers. Once the access control device has authorised you, the integrated destination control system will communicate with your user data.

The elevator destination control system does some instant and accurate data analysis.

  • What floor does this person work on?
  • Do they have special entry requirements?
  • Which elevators are available?
  • Is there one closer to the reception area?
  • Are there more authorised users heading to the same floor?

Based on this data collection, the elevator system sends the appropriate elevator down to the ground level.

Since the speed gate calls your elevator the moment you are authorised, your waiting time at the elevator itself is greatly reduced.

Universal Elevator Destination Display by Boon Edam

Boon Edam’s speed gates alone are already an effective solution for detecting unauthorised entry attempts. Combined with our own destination control system for elevators, overall building security and efficiency can be greatly improved. Boon Edam’s Universal Elevator Destination Display will allow you to:

  • control access to the elevator banks
  • improve passenger experience
  • have more control over inter-floor access
  • save on your energy bill

Running elevators can be very costly. Boon Edam’s destination control system and speed gates help you cut down on energy consumption. Efficient use of elevators leads to less uptime, which in turn reduces the energy consumption of the building.

Elevator Destination Control Systems Design

Boon Edam speed gates come supplied with a smooth, premium glass casing, which houses intuitive guiding LED lights. Once the speed gate is activated, the LED lights glide across the cabinet top, guiding you from entry through authorisation, and then the exit.

The universal elevator destination display is installed as a sleek, integrated screen on or under the top of the speed gate. It will give you a clearly visible signal on which elevator is available. Getting you to your destination faster and in a more secure way.

The Universal Elevator Destination Display will integrate seamlessly within the slim unit of the Lifeline Speedlane Swing as well as the Lifeline Speedlane Slide. Both these speed gates complement the reception area and allow for higher throughput rates.

More information on Destination Control Systems for Elevators?

You can read more on our Universal Elevator Destination Display by downloading the complete brochure in the tab above.

An alternative destination control system is the PORT 4 mini. This system is developed together with Schindler PORT Technology. The PORT 4 mini combines speed gate security and transit intelligence. Read more on the combination of Schindler PORT Technology and Boon Edam’s speed gates.

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