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Security entrances help you manage the different flows of people through your reception or lobby. Employees can use their authentication cards or passes, but the same cannot be said for visitors. Usually, a receptionist or security guard grants them access to the building. The BoonTouch access control system panel allows them remote control to all linked security entrances.

BoonTouch Universal Control Panel for Access Control Systems

BoonTouch is an access control dashboard designed by Boon Edam to improve the visibility over installed security entrance products. The BoonTouch access control system panel gives you full remote control over entrance products. Perfect for roles that monitor user access into buildings through receptions. The direct connection to the security entrances allows control of both secure and non-secure sides of the security product.

The BoonTouch has a large touchscreen, making it easier to locate alerts such as intruder alarms. It is commonly mounted in a designated area, to make it less like likely to get damaged or misplaced.

Overview BoonTouch Access Control System Panel

The BoonTouch allows receptionists and security guards to easy and quickly grant or deny access to different visitors. They can give a pulse entry form the reception desk to open a security entrance elsewhere in the building. It also gives a quick overview of the status of the security entrances, and has multiple commands:

  • Overview of all connected security entrances in the building
  • Alarms per security entrance: intruder alarm, power failure (in case of UPS), communication failure, general warnings
  • Close all gates command
  • Open all gates command
  • Day operation command
  • Night operation command
  • Operating modes per security entrance: locked, optical, unlocked, regular operation
  • Side modes per security entrance: pulse entry, free exit (or entrance), blocked

Inbuilt Alarm and Alert System

BoonTouch is equipped with an inbuilt alarm and alert system, to quickly highlight where in the building a breach has occurred.

An intruder alarm will go off when a person without authorisation has tried to gain access. The BoonTouch access control system panel will show where in the building the breach occurred.

In optical mode, the security entrances are optically open, but will still show an intruder alarm in case an unauthorised user passes the sensors.

How does the BoonTouch Access Control System Panel work?

BoonTouch allows you to set up different roles and corresponding rights. Admin users have full remote control over all linked entrance products. An admin user can give access to other users such as receptionists. Users can be given different rights regarding product control and login credentials.

The assigned roles can control the security entrances according to their rights. If a breach or unauthorised entry does occur, the security entrances can be locked down to contain the situation. BoonTouch offers different levels of users within the system, to further prevent unauthorised access and usage.

The BoonTouch panel for access control systems is fully language configurable and can link up to 6 security entrances.

BoonTouch Retrofit Options and Upgrades

Buildings are designed to last a lifetime, which is why entry solutions should be too. The BoonTouch access control dashboard is able to manage any changes that may occur. Older entryway solutions can be removed from the BoonTouch control panel to make way for any new systems that are installed in the building. Upgrading and updating security is vital. The BoonTouch access control system panel ensures that this is an easy process for all involved.

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